Sport Media and society

With reference to the 2018 Winter Olympics, select a sample of at least 5 online media-texts that each contain a minimum of 25 audience comments each. First, discuss how issues such as national identity, gender, racism and eSports that are selected by British media to become news are presented to audiences using a framing approach. Second, discuss on the basis of audience comments how audiences ‘read’ these media-texts by (re)creating their own frames. use this framework: Introduction (200 words) Contextualize topic In what follows, we will look at … Theoretical framework – literature study (750 words) Theoretical concepts Research Question What is Framing Approach and why is it useful here (production –reception: audiences) Methodology (400 words) Specify how in detail each step of your analysis (why you choose those texts, elaborate on the coding stages Results/ Findings (900 words) Discussion (550 words) Conclusion (200 words) Link back/ Answer to Research Question (Inductive Phase: Frame matrix – horizontal vs vertical Procedures of analysis – 4 steps Collect source material Open coding Axial coding Selective coding Inductive Phase [for assignment 2] Frame suitability Elaborateness of description Degree of abstraction Evaluation Completeness Dominant – secondary – counter) use theorists: Gamson & Modigliani, 1987; Van Gorp, 2007 Frames are specific and explicit agents of ideological processes, they tend to be more general and encompassing than news themes, topics and issues. (D’Angelo, 2010, p. 18) ‘a central organizing idea for making sense of relevant events and suggesting what is at issue’ (Gamson, 1989, p. 157) Framing devices (Gamson & Modigliani, 1989)