Sports and education



After viewing the film, • Do parents, coaches and teachers have different roles in the lives of young people? Why? How do these roles intersect? How do they diverge?
• There are several schools of thought in the movie regarding the importance of education versus sports. With which do you agree? Which should take precedence in a student’s life,
particularly with the lives that the students at Richmond High School face? Why?
• Many of the parents in the movie bring up an interesting point. When Carter listens to the complaints of parents after he begins the lockout, one father states that until his son had
basketball to look forward to, he wasn’t even attending classes. Due to basketball, his son began attending classes regularly and the father found it unfair to take basketball, and in turn, his
son’s motivation, away. Is there any point at which Carter should have conceded to the wishes of the parents and the school and ended the lockout? Why? At what point?
• What are you general thoughts on the interplay of sports ad education?