Spreadsheets and Data in Economics

Spreadsheets and Data in Economics

Project description
ECN112 Spreadsheets and Data in Economics Coursework Task 2
Is there competition in the UK supermarket industry? The Competition Commission is interested in investigating the level of competitiveness in the industry and hires you to carry out the analysis. The file ECN112 UK Supermarkets Sales.xlsx available on QMPlus reports the level of sales for the UK supermarket chains and independent shops in 2012 and 2013. The figures are in thousands of pounds.
a) Provide an analysis of the level of competition in the industry by plotting the Lorenz curves and
by computing the GINI coefficients. Comment on your findings (no more than 300 words). (3 marks)
b) Recently Aldi and Lidl have expressed an interest in merging. The two companies claim that a
new larger company would be able to better challenge the market leaders so that, eventually, consumers would benefit. The Competition Commission has been asked to investigate Aldi and
Lidls claim and you have been asked to carry out the analysis on behalf of the Competition Commission. What would your advice be? (no more than 300 words) (2 marks)
General guidance notes
You must carry out your analysis in Excel and please answer the two questions on separate worksheets. You must submit your Excel file online on QMPlus. When submitting the file online please make sure that the file name is made up of the initial of your name (all one word) followed by your surname (e.g., gvolpe.xlsx). The task accounts for five marks and the deadline is 23.59pm (GMT) on Sunday 30th November 2014.

SupermarketTotal sales in 2012 (000s)Total sales in 2013 (000s)
Aldi 733 061,00 961 395,00
Asda 4 242 670,00 4 276 248,00
Co-operative1 580 784,00 1 574 040,00
Farm Foods134 695,00 173 905,00
Iceland 479 105,00 491 597,00
Independent supermarkets498 294,00 520 051,00
Lidl 660 351,00 751 201,00
Morrisons 2 814 236,00 2 855 745,00
Other supermarket chains439 617,00 496 157,00
Sainsbury’s4 078 869,00 4 186 914,00
Tesco 7 372 225,00 7 427 304,00
Waitrose1 104 036,00 1 201 202,00


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