Sprinkler Density review


1) A building downtown has a sprinkler system designed for .14 gpm/ft2 over a design area of 2500 square feet. The new owner wants to use the building for a refinishing and woodworking shop. Is the sprinkler system adequate? Why or why not? (4 pts)

2) A citizen just bought a building that used to be used to retread tires. The sprinkler design area was 4,000 ft2 with density of .16 gpm/ft2. This new owner wants to use the building for a night club. What would you have to say about the sprinkler system’s ability to protect patrons? (4 pts)

3) The local library is protected by a sprinkler system having a design of .08 gpm/ft2 over 2500 ft2. They now have a large area that is being used for book storage, also know as the stacks. Is the system adequate for that area? Why or why not? (4 pts)


4) A private concern is building a stable barn to house race horses. What sprinkler design criteria is acceptable? (4 pts)


5) The local automobile dealer went out of business. Their show room has a sprinkler designed for for .12 gpm/ft2 over a design area of 3500 square feet. Several potential buyers have asked if the sprinkler system will meet their needs. One wants to build plywood cabinets and furniture. Another wants to use the building for a church. The last group wants to use if for autobody repair, including painting cars. Is the building acceptable for any of these? What design criteria is required for each? (4 pts)


6) What is the K factor for sprinklers? Can you use that factor to determine how much water will flow from the sprinkler at a given pressure? How can you do that or why can you not do it? (4 pts)