Standardized process and business

Standardized process and business
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DQ1 Standardized process: This week’s readings discuss the concept of using a standardized process and business case for the purposes of purchasing/implementing information technology. Please articulate and discuss the benefits and risks of using or not using a standardized formal process for this purpose.

DQ2 Healthcare IT: Healthcare organizations have always had difficulty realizing substantial benefits from Information Technology (IT). Unlike companies from other industries that typically only make IT investments if there is clear and demonstrable benefit and positive return, healthcare has lagged behind in developing, analyzing, and realizing benefits from its use of information technology. This isn’t a new phenomenon, but has been an ongoing problem for years. In fact, some executives claim the levels of healthcare IT spending would substantially increase if there was more value and return from the IT investment. Why is information technology in health care difficult to select, evaluate and show a return on investment? Is there something inherent or unique within the healthcare organization that makes it difficult to achieve and realize substantial benefits from IT?