Standardized Test Review/Evaluation (IELTS EXAM ) -Test Evaluation

TASK DESCRIPTION This is a two-part assignment. (1) You will review one standardized test relevant to your area of specialization, and one that you have either used yourself or seen used. A sample of the test review process will be posted on D2L. (2) In addition, you will be asked to evaluate the way that the test is used in practice. For example, does the reliability and validity evidence provided for the test support the way the test is being used? CRITERIA AND MARKING A scoring rubric will be used to assess your test evaluation/review. For more details, see the course outline. Attached is an example of a published critical review of IELTS writing test that you can read and use as an example (just to give you an idea of how one can critically evaluate a standardized test). Do NOT copy the same ideas as in this review, I would like to read your own interpretations and evaluation. You can also look at other criteria suggested by The American Educational Research Association (AERA): My note about the IELTS test: too many parts the reading parts are too long to complete in the given time the marks are not equivalent i don’t think that this test give a real measure about student’s progress