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Gulf Hardware Company The Gulf Tech Company has been very successful in recent years. Its manufacturing manager, Mrs. Layla is a very ambitious person. She sets her company’s competitiveness and success as a prime target. A key to the company’s success has been its focus on quality and accuracy. One of the things Layla has been strict about is that the suppliers should provide high quality products. When the company finds good suppliers, it stays with them and tries to establish a longterm relationship. Currently the company is dealing with North Company, a supplier company of screws. However, in order to reduce the costs of parts and materials, Layla has instructed purchasing department at the company to search for better deals. Suppose you are the person who is in charge of purchasing department and that you are the one that Layla has instructed. Assume you have identified a new screws supplier in Doha, East Company that claims its screws are as good or better quality than North’s, the current supplier, and at a lower cost. One key factor is the screws’ diameter. When you approached Layla about the possibility of going with the new supplier for the screws, she confirmed about the quality and suggested conducting a test to determine if there is difference exist in the average diameter of the screws from the two companies.