Statistic Problems

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Statistic Problems

Australian exporters will soon have market access to one of Latin America’s fastest growing economies with the signing of the Peru-Australia Free Trade Agreement (PAFTA). A number of key of
agricultural commodities will gain duty-free entry to Peru including sugar, beef, rice, dairy, almonds, sheep meat and wine. In a statement, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the agreement is an
excellent outcome, that will eliminate 99 per cent of stiff tariffs that Australian exporters currently face. “The export deal will generate economic growth and Australian jobs for decades to
come,” Mr Turnbull said.
ABC News, 10 November 2017
a) Employing the conceptual framework used to explain world trade, clearly illustrate how gaining market access to one of Latin America’s fastest growing economies will benefit Australian
exporting firms. (6 marks)
b) Although economists generally argue that increasing trade is good for economic welfare, there are a number of arguments put forward for why it might be a good idea to impose some form of
barrier to trade. Clearly explain one of those arguments. (4 marks)

2.current event

Analyse how societal attitudes and beliefs impact on individuals with sensory loss

Explore how a range of factors, societal attitudes and beliefs impact on service provision.

Explain the methods of communication used by individuals with:
• Sight Loss
• Hearing Loss
• Deaf blindness

Describe how the environment facilitates effective communication for people with sensory loss
Explain how effective communication may have a positive impact on lives of individuals with sensory loss

Identify the main causes of sensory loss

Define congenital sensory loss and acquired sensory loss

Identify the demographic factors that influence the incidence of sensory loss in the population

Identify the indicators and signs of:
• Sight
• Hearing loss
• Deaf blindness

Explain actions that should be taken if there are concerns about onset of sensory loss or changes in sensory status.

Identify sources of support for those who may be experiencing onset of sensory loss.