Statistical Analysis Presentation

Statistical Analysis Presentation

Present a written report depicting your analysis of historical juvenile crime data for a specific category of crime, or criminal issue.

Select one component of the criminal justice system (e.g., law enforcement, courts, or corrections) to focus your research. The data and charts you develop may be used

in your Final Paper. For this Week Two assignment, you will:
a.Present national juvenile data and trends based on the FBI – Uniform Crime Reports and the Bureau of Justice Statistics Crime Type, or other comparable nationally

recognized data bases, such as the U.S. Department of Education data on campus crime. Make sure you standardize your data – usually 1:1000; 1:10,000; or 1: 100,000 and

incorporate the scale in a key for each chart.
b.Present local data from a city, county, or state for three comparable locations in size from three different regions of the country (e.g., Indianapolis, Austin, and

San Francisco). This information should be found on official government websites.
c.Obtain data on at least three demographics such as: crime, education levels, gender, ethnicity, race, sexuality, education, or socio-economic data where available.
d.Develop questions you would like to address based on the data you retrieved? (Note you do not have to answer these questions for this assignment.) What juvenile

delinquency programs or initiatives are available to potentially address the crime or criminal justice issue?

The Written Report must be five pages and graphically display the statistical data developed for three comparable cities, counties, or states. It must incorporate

national statistics for comparison. Your assessment may be in bullet or paragraph format below the graphic display.

Your paper or presentation must include a cover slide/title page and reference slide/reference page in APA format. You must use at least three scholarly resources.


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