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What analysis would you employ to determine whether boys and girls were assessed in similar proportions in each of the three clinics? Explain and justify your choice. You do not have to run this analysis; just identify the one you would choose.

Multiple regression is a form of multivariate analysis and constitutes a way to accommodate multiple predictors of one dependent variable, considered all at the same time. It is used commonly in health research as a control for other variables when researching the effect of one variable of interest. It is also frequently used to explain more variance in the dependent variable. What additional variables would you want to control when predicting F.B.S. from B.M.I.? These can be variables in your dataset or other variables you think are relevant that are not in your data set. Identify at least three control variables. Why did you select these three in particular?

State your conclusions and formulate a discussion of your findings. Would you like to know anything else about this participant sample? What further research would you do? Why? Refer to glucose levels, diabetes, other related variables, and available research on the topic of diabetes in children as well as the analyses that you performed. Support your response with at least two to three scholarly, peer-reviewed articles.

M    F
26    20
29    23
20    15
37    32
28    26
37    22
27    21
16    32
22    30
22    23
21    18