Stem cell technology

Topic 1: Stem Cells: Discuss some of the ways that stem cell technology can be useful apart from what was already mentioned in the readings. What controversies exist with the use of this technology? Do you think stem cell technology can potentially extend our life span and quality of life? Why and how?
Topic 2: Cloning: What is cloning and what are some of the applications that can be used to help our species? Where do the controversies exist? What do you think of people who clone their deceased pets? How about human reproductive cloning?
Topic 3: Mendelian Traits. Discuss some of the human traits that are Mendelian (one gene, 2-3 alleles, one trait) in nature. You can also comment on pleiotropic and polygenic traits, but be sure you distinguish them as such. What is the difference between calling the results of genetic expression a disease vs. a condition?