Step to analyzing an article

Write a critical response report on the following article “The God Decision” Michael Ruse, Aeon

• Two lists of articles are provided below, one list for the undergraduate students (T7296) and another for the postgraduate students (T8596).
• You will choose just ONE article—from the list to which you belong (undergraduate or postgraduate)—and write a critical response to that article.
• You may agree with some things in the article and disagree with others, but most importantly, you must clearly and concisely give your reasons.
• A marking rubric is provided on Turnitin, but we are looking for:
o Accurate understanding of what the author is saying.
o A response that addresses what the author is saying and not something else. o A response that carefully structured and carefully argued.
o A clear conclusion.
• You are not expected to research other references for this assessment, although you may if you find it helpful. If you do, make sure you cite your sources accurately.
• Your response should be 1,000 words (undergraduate, T7296) or 1,500 words (postgraduate, T8596) ± 10% including footnotes but excluding bibliography. You will lose marks if it is over or under this range.
• Please submit your report as a Word or pdf file via the Turnitin link in the top box on Moodle under the heading “Assessment” and titled “Assessment 2 Critical Report”