Story of change and Story of Solutions

The following has three assignments namely;

1.Story of change and Story of Solutions

see short video and answer questions in paragraph form.
Watch The Story of Change: Link –
Watch The Story of Solutions: Link –
1.From the Story of Change, how could Ghandi and the Civil Rights Movement influence current environmental movements? 2.From the Story of Solutions, how does the author describe the GDP. What is
it, and how is it related to environmental issues? 3.What is a “sharing economy”? How does a “cooperative”e function differently than most businesses?

2.Dystopia Book Report on Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Write an essay on the Dystopia Book Report on Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

3.Arterial and venous disease

Scenario A 50-year-old male presents to the community clinic. He has just relocated to the area and has no primary provider. He is a long-distance truck driver and requires a physical examination
to maintain his continued employment. Physical examination demonstrates a BMI of 33, blood pressure of 180/90 mm Hg, diminished femoral pulses and bilateral varicose veins with non-pitting edema in
both ankles. He has a 30-year history of smoking two packs of cigarettes per day. The following 2 are required information that must be covered in the paper. 1. What additional information is
needed from the patient history and physical assessment to determine if this patient has arterial or venous insufficiency?
2. Compare and contrast evidence based nursing interventions for the patient diagnosed with arterial insufficiency and the patient diagnosed with venous insufficiency.