Strategic Comm. – Current Issue Analysis

Write a 700-900 word analysis on a current issue situation.
Select an issue that is currently in the news, something that relates to the activities surrounding a major corporate brand. It might be a major new product, a crisis situation, or a new trend that is emerging.
Discuss and analyze the strategic communications issues surrounding this brand as you perceive it.
• Define the situation: What situation is the company facing? What are the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) surrounding this situation?
• Analyze the communications strategy: What communications strategy is the company pursuing? How is it linking various communication channels? How effective is the company’s communications response? What is it doing well? What could use improvement?
• Lessons learned: What lessons can be learned from this scenario? What would you recommend this company do better in its communication strategies? What specific communication tactics should the company be using?