Strategic Comm. – Project Draft


Address the following for your individual submission for the project:

SWOT analysis: Discuss the key challenges and opportunities facing the organization – in relation to the situation, using the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats model. Strengths and weaknesses focus on internal factors while opportunities and threats are external factors.
Goals: Share your goal(s) – the outcome to be achieved in your situation (resolving the core problem or seizing a significant opportunity). Provide a clear rationale why these goal(s) were selected. Also show how your goal(s) support the company’s overall strategy and mission.
o Summarize why this situation is important and needs to be resolved.
o Outline what the consequences will be if no action is taken.

The project revolves around the organization Delta Airlines, addressing this situation. Below are the research citations and summaries of the citations as they relate to this situation, and strategic ways to avoid such situations or encounters dealing with racial issues.

Citations and Summaries
The situation with the Delta Airlines as reported in Ortiz’s article is racial discrimination (Ortiz (2017, n.p). Racial discrimination is a fact that has affected and continues to affect may organizations but in different scenarios. The race covers the ethical and racial alienation. The racial groups are people who share the same characteristics of race and ethnicity. According to Equality Act 2010, there is no one who should be discriminated against due to his or her color or nationality. According to Ortiz (2017, n.p), a black passenger claimed that he had been removed from the Delta Airline due to his color and cited the cause as racial discrimination.
According to Donnelly (2017, n.p), in the year 2017, the association for the colored issued a travel advisory note against the use of the American Airlines due to rampant cases of racial discrimination. In America alone, there have been 29 complaints that have been launched against the American Airlines in the past and the situation still continues to exist. Donnelly (2017, n.p) argued that American Airlines is the leading in incidences of racial discrimination of the passengers. In a cautious statement, the association for the colored issued a statement that warned the use of the American Airlines. Besides, the scenario that Donnelly’s finding has pointed out as one of the incidences of racial discrimination in the American Airlines, there are also data that offer accounts of the same. Besides, the anecdotal evidence, there are lots of data showcase the flier complaints ion the American Airlines. The situation was shocking to the chief executive officer of the American Airline who decided to write a memo the association for the colored people who had issued a travel advisory against the airline.
In another situation cited by Croffie, Delta Airlines ejected two passengers in London in the year 2016 in what amounted to racial discrimination (Croffie, 2016, n.p). In that incidence, one of the passengers noted with a lot of concerns that a crew discriminated against him because he was speaking in Arabic. However, in defense of the claim, Delta argued in response that the person causing a disturbance in the plane. Saleh reported that they spoke on the plane as it waited to take off only be removed from the Delta Airline.
There are strategies that organizations can employ to avoid the incidence of the racial prejudice. One of the strategies that organizations can adopt including the Delta and American Airlines is the recruitment of the culturally and ethnically diverse Airlines attendants. Such a strategy is fundamental because it enhances inclusivity. Besides, recruiting diverse staff, the organizations should also employ diverse managers and the executives as well. Another strategy is to encourage the media reporters to avoid stereotyping and try to report incidences while sensitive to the racial and ethical alienations. Such a step will ensure that the media reporters remain aware of the implications of the racial prejudice.

Works Cited
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