Strategic HR management:

Strategic HR management:

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A human resource major debate, the debate topic is (Diversity:The shift from Diversity to Inclusion does not represent a material change in organisational practices and outcomes, but merely a change in the language used)

Write a 500 words speech for the against debate team first speaker. (First speaker also need to use one or two sentences to explain what’s next two speakers going to talk about)

RESEARCH IS THE KEY. In order to put your argument forward strongly, you must read various books and journal articles and statistical evidence. Start with the assigned tutorial readings for the week and go from there. You will also need to go beyond the reading kit and refer to the ‘other readings’ section of the subject handout

1st Speaker
• Introduces the topic questions and provides the team’s general position with an overall argument/explanation.
• Begins the first part of the team’s argument using some of the key reasons/points.
• provides a brief overview of what the second and third speakers will be covering
• Summarises the key points raised in their own argument so far.