Strategic Human Resources Management


You are required to design a comprehensive questionnaire (approx. 20-25 questions) to collect first-hand information from HR manager of a company of your choices. You are also required to conduct a detailed interview (face-to-face or electronic medium) with an HR manager of company of your choice to explore Various HR strategies being practiced by the respective organization to gain competitive advantage

1) Develop questionnaire of 20-25 questions
2) Identify a HR manager/Officer and ask them if you can interview them. Present them the list of questions ahead of the time.


Task 1: Provide introduction of the chosen company- name, nature of business, HR department organizational chart, HR functions, HR Vision and Mission Statements, HR Goals and Objectives, HR Strategic Plan based on your interview findings.

Task 2a: Examine the internal and external environment of the company using six component model

Task 2b: Assess the challenges faced by the selected organization

Task 3: Analyze the HR practices, policies, and Strategies of the company in relation to staffing, training and development, performance management and compensation & benefits.

Task 4 – Based on the application of HR Balance Score card, design a Dashboard (presentable to the top Management) depicting the HR Metrics.

Task 5- Calculate absence rate, cost per hire, turnover rate, turnover cost for selected organization

Task 6- Assess employee retention practices of the selected organization

Task 7: Analyze the ethical environment of the organization and ethical HR practices in the selected organization.

Task 8: Make necessary recommendations to improve the HR strategy to attain competitive advantage
Take 9: Put the evidence of the interview questions and the manager’s responses at the end of the report (after the references).