Strategic Leadership Project

Strategic Leadership Project

Project description

Make sure to follow APA requirements. Your (Strategic Leadership Change Initiative) will be 6 pages in length (not counting title page, references, or any appendices)
GUIDELINES FOR PAPERS a Leadership Development & Change Management
The introduction section of a paper is intended to provide the background information that is essential for the reader to understand the nature and scope of the

problem you have selected and why you are researching the problem. The introduction helps the reader better understand the focus of your proposed research effort. Key

literature citations may be included in the introduction to reinforce the need for researching the proposed topic and build credibility for your proposed research. The

introduction is NOT intended to be exhaustive! The minimum standard for the introduction is generally three paragraphs, or approximately one to two pages in length.
Problem Statement
The problem statement provides a brief description of a specific Strategic Leadership Change Initiative (problem or organizational change), as a result of conducting

your research. It should be clear, concise, definitive, unambiguous and readily understood by anyone who reads it. Focus on the achange initiativea you will be

examining and express it clearly and concisely.
Content (Analysis)
aInclude key concepts and learning from weekly assignments and resources
aIdentify strengths and limitations of your leadership style (based on results of your assessments) and how that will impact your change initiative
aFocus on your achange initiativea (barriers, resistance, how will you address these challenges)
Summary and Conclusions
aSummary is a brief statement of the essential findings
aFindings state facts; conclusion represents inferences drawn from the findings
aThe summary will make the recommendations for the solution, it does not have to be long or complicated, should be concise and straightforward
aRecommendations for your change initiative


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