Strategic Management

Strategic Management

Each question needs to be at least one paragraph long. One paragraph constitutes at least four sentences. Evidence of critical thinking (analysis, synthesis, evaluation and reflection) of class reading material and discussion . APA format per paragraph.

Learning Activity #1

1) What is the importance of strategic planning in business? Explain.

2) Describe the steps in the formal strategic planning process.

Learning Activity #2

1) Describe at least three characteristics of strong strategic leaders. Explain how each of the three characteristics would help motivate and lead an organization’s personnel.

2) Consider your own workplace or a company with which you are very familiar. What steps would you take implement a good strategic Plan?

1) What is an external Analysis?

2) Discuss the benefits and challenges of doing an external analysis.

1) What are the essential characteristics of a resource or capability that leads to a sustainable competitive advantage? Explain.

2) What is the difference between a tangible and an intangible resource? Give an example of each. Which type of resources is most likely to lead to competitive advantage? Why?

1) How can a firm be successful by pursuing a differentiation strategy? What are some of risks associated with a differentiation strategy

2) What is a cost leadership strategy? How might a firm pursue it? What are some of the risks associated with this strategy?

Learning Activity #2

1) How can strategic outsourcing strengthen a company’s business model and increase its profitability?

2) Compare the benefits and risks associated with horizontal and vertical integration. Under what circumstances would a firm prefer one over the other?

1) Identify and discuss the general ways in which companies can increase their profitability and profit growth through global expansion.

2) What are the potential benefits and risks of global strategic alliances? What actions can a firm take to minimize the risks and maximize the benefits?

Learning Activity #2

1) What are the two general types of diversification and why would one be preferred over the other?

2) Differentiate between joint venture and acquistion as a method to enter new industries. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages associates with each.

1) Describe the three major types of organizational structures and their appropriate use.

2) Describe the organizational structures used to implement the three international strategies.

1) The United States has the most diversified work population in the world. Does this add to or hinder our ethical base within an organization? Why? Why not? Provide examples to validate your response.

2) Business ethics are concerned with accepted principles of right or wrong governing the conduct of business people. Identify and discuss the common examples of unethical decisions that business people or organizations have made in areas of business ethics, social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

1) Does culture follow strategy or does strategy follow culture? Why?

2) How can corporate culture be changed?