Strategic Management

Provide a critical examination of the models and tools organisations can use to analyse
Their internal and external environment. Using a relevant model/tool, analyse the
Internal or external environment for a real organisation of your choice.
You should address the following issues:
1. An introduction including a definition of strategic management.
(5 marks)
o Define strategic management – list main authors. First author said this and second author said that…..
o The needs of strategies in Organisation.
o Importance of strategic management.
2. A critical assessment of the process used by organisations to determine
Their strategy.
(25 marks)
o Set aims and objective are they working if not what we can do. analysis
o Competitive advantages.
o Management strategies.
o Importance of choosing right strategy.
o Define prescriptive strategies / advantages/ disadvantages.
o Define emergent strategies/ advantages / disadvantages. Which of these right strategies to fit in an Organisation of choice.
o Identify the process of five steps (e.g. internal/external strategies – importance of each step by using tools/ what types of current strategies then solve problems/ implementing/ monitoring

3. An evaluation of the critical models and tools used by organisations to
Determine their strategy.
(30 marks)
o Identify the tools
o Use two or three tools which apply into the real Organisation of choice. Analyzing
o Advantages and disadvantages of each tools.
o Importance of choosing right tool to assessing an Organisation. Link to next question.
4. An application of these tool to a real organisation of your choice.
(30 marks)
o Identify the Organisation of choice.
o Strategies apply or fit in the Organisation /Amis / objective/ goals .
o Identify tools will be suitable into this Organisation and Explain why.

5. Write in a grammatically correct style and provide in text referencing
Throughout, including quotes, referenced according to the Harvard
Referencing System. Provide a correctly formatted Reference List.
(10 marks)