Strategic Management Analysis – Ford Motor Company


Ford has invested in different methods of analysis to gain and retain industry
standing- The threats and opportunities that exist for an organization are identified
through studying and appraising the external environment- In order to be competitive,
an organization must look closely at these aspects to properly formulate a successful
strategic plan-

Write an APA formatted paper incorporating the following aspects:

1- Organizations as Open Systems:

One key aspect is the “Environment as Information Perspectives-” Discuss what was
determined to be the environmental uncertainty for you chosen organization-

Another important aspect is the “Environment as Souce of Resouce Perspective-”
Discuss the way in which management has been able to attain and regulate these
critical resouces for you organization-

Provide a breakdown of these two perspectives to better see how they can be
applied- If these perspectives are not readily available for you organization, you may
infer them from information about the organization that is available-

2- External and Environmental Analysis:

Within the specific environment, multiple variables exist- Discuss which two of the
five competitive forces were found to be most valuable and why-

The general environment also needs to be examined- There are five sectors that
should be analyzed. After evaluating each, discuss which two you believe will most
impact the strategic management plan for you chosen organization and why-

3- In addition to the aspects above, please share the advantages and disadvantages
that exist when performing an external analysis- What did you find to be the most
beneficial and detrimental factors duing this analysis? Incorporate information from
the readings, you research, and personal experience (using APA citations where