Strategic Management Chipotle (CMG)





Strategic Management Assignment Choose a publicly-traded company which you find interesting (Chipotle Ticker: CMG) and complete the following assignment based on that company. Cite all sources
using APA style in-text citations and bibliographical references. You final submission for this assignment should be no more than 2 pages. 1) Based on information provided on the company’s Investor
Relations page -including press releases, recent annual or quarterly reports, letters to shareholders, and other sources – what is the company’s stated strategy? Be brief in summarizing key
features of the strategy. a) Can you discern other details about this company’s strategy by looking at the industry? See Chapter 10 in Good Strategy, Bad Strategy; but remember, it is possible that
your company may not have a clear strategy.
2) What long-term goal and/or short-term performance targets does the company state?
3) Using information from the company’s most recent annual/quarterly report as well as information from Business Source Complete, provide a SWOT analysis for this company. Remember, strengths and
weaknesses are internal and opportunities and threats are external.