Strategic marketing concerns

As discussed in class, Strategic marketing concerns the choice of policies aiming at improving the
competitive position of the organization, taking account of challenges and opportunities proposed by
the environment. This project assignment is about conducting a strategic marketing analysis for one of
the following organizations and making recommendations to help improve its competitive position.

  1. Irth, an organization that projects to open a spa/wellness resort in Prince Edward County. Some
    of the issues that are important and of interest to Irth have been presented in class.
  2. Jamaica, a Caribbean destination that has become the leader in all-inclusive vacations. The
    country has recently made some efforts to differentiate its product and promote communitybased tourism, which should be the focus of your report.
  3. Any other organization of your choice.
    If you choose to work on Jamaica or Irth,
    If you choose another organization than Irth or Jamaica, your report should consist of the following
  4. Executive summary (no more than 2 pages)
  5. Introduction (describe the organization, discuss its mission, values, and its Unique Selling
    Proposition – USP)
  6. Situation analysis
    a. External (i.e., use the PESTEL framework)
    b. Internal
    c. Competitive (identify your competitive set and compare them to your organization)
    d. Market profiles (describe your target markets; use market data)
  7. Critical issues and opportunities to be addressed in marketing activities (This should respond to
    what you identified in the situation analysis, and/or this should fit the specificity of the
    organization you chose)
  8. Marketing Objectives (Based on the situation analysis, identify objectives that will help the
    organization reach a stronger competitive position. Objectives should be SMART if possible)
  9. Marketing Strategies (What strategies do you propose to reach your objective(s). Describe them
    and make sure they are realistic)
  10. Monitoring and control (What systems should be in place to monitor progress with data? How
    would you evaluate success?)
  11. Conclusion
  12. List of references (References should be APA style; you should mix professional and academic
  13. Appendix (as needed)
    You are encouraged to use and explain in this report some of the marketing concepts (e.g.,
    positioning, segmentation, market share, distribution, etc.) we address in class. Also, you are required
    to demonstrate how you find and use secondary data related to your sector, to your market, to your
    organization, or to your competitors to feed information for your marketing plan.
    There is no maximum page limit to this report. It should be comprehensive enough so that you
    would feel comfortable submitting this report to the CMO of the organization you choose.
    The report should be professional-looking (1.5-spacing).