Strategic Marketing Management

Need someone with coursework experience in STRATEGIC MARKETING & Knowledge of how to complete the following….
-SBU Analysis
-Creating Positioning Graph
-Marketing Segmentation

  • Marketing Mix Strategies
    -Marketing Marketing Strategy as it relates to corporate strategy & measures strategic thinking and decision making
    -World Marketing Strategies

About 1 page essay answer for each question (including any appropriate graphs) with citation of at least 1 source for each question to support your ideas.

In the Instruction sheet, some of the links to the resources to help you understand/clearly answer each question is not accessible through the PDF Document so i’ve attached all resources listed as Separate PDF’s. You can click the links for the videos they will work and the VALS article

The PowerPoint lecture is also a resource that provides clarification for how to properly answer the questions listed.

Case Study: Sharp Corporation Beyond Japan
For Question #4 please use some of the terms used on slide #16 in your answer to describe your marketing strategy.

Q1 Essay
Read the annual report for your selected firm- create an SBU analysis based on their SBUs from their annual report. Review chapter two in your book. Where would you increase investments, maintain current investments, divest of current investments (or get rid of lines). Then based on the mini-lectures or chapter 9 in your book what is the business level strategy for each SBU?
Q2 Essay
If you were to segment the market (I want you to define your segments) how would you describe the typical decision making process for selecting a supplier for each of your segments? You may use the Positioning graph from the mini-lecture to illustrate this. Remember keep it simple to be useful and do not segment by product but customer characteristics.
Q3 Essay
Complete the following table based on your segments in Q2. You may add additional rows based on your segmentation of the market in Q2. You may find module 2 mini-lectures helpful when identifying marketing mix strategies (see product life cycle documents).

Q4 Essay
Based on the segments described in question 2 &3, which market would you target and what would be your marketing strategy for that target market.

Q5 Essay
In thinking about the types of world market or global strategies that your selected organization uses, what “Global or World Market’ strategy (refer to corporate strategy mini-lecture) do you recommend and why?