Strategic Option Analysis and Feasibility Evaluation—The Weather Company

Case Analysis With Discussion:

Strategic Option Analysis and Feasibility Evaluation—The Weather Company


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Discussion 1: Case Analysis With Discussion: Strategic Option Analysis and Feasibility Evaluation—The Weather Company
As Wolfe (2011) notes in Chapters 11 and 12 of his book, strategy development, communication, and execution are real-time, ongoing processes. A strategy is never
“done,” as everything both internal and external to the organization is in a constant flux and change—requiring the strategy, and the playbook for the future, to be
modified and improved.

A critical part of the “strategy evolution process” is to evaluate and check the assumptions and reasoning bases for strategies. Are the emerging strategies consistent
with the Soulful Purpose of the organization; are they affordable; and can the appropriate skills, competencies, and capabilities be leveraged or acquired to make
various parts of the strategy work? How will the competition respond, and is the organization ready for it?

This week you explore the case of The Weather Company, which, in August 2013, presented their strategic plan that the senior leadership could help the company grow
from $600 million in revenue to $1 billion or more by 2016. You will evaluate the proposed strategy, based on your cumulative knowledge from this course and your MBA

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review all required readings, including the Weekly Briefing, which provides additional guidance on how to complete the assignment.
Review the case analysis. You may want to scan it multiple times.
Identify and review all relevant readings from the MBA Capstone Program Bibliography.
Use the criteria below to inform your analysis:
Note: The evaluation criteria below should be used to form your response: Do not, however, respond to these questions in a checklist format as your original response.
Your response should be a single, persuasive narrative argument that is polished and could serve as the basis for a speech you might make to the board to either
support or question the proposed strategy.

Strategy Evaluation Elements:

Clarity of the Strategy
Does the strategy and associated initiatives have a “name” that evokes the strategy?
Is it easy to communicate what the strategy is and why it can work?
Is it likely that people inside the organization will understand and commit to the strategy?
Consistency of Purpose (Context Level of Analysis)
Based on your reading of the case, is The Weather Company’s proposed 2013 strategy consistent with its Soulful Purpose and its mission, vision, and values? How?
Feasibility and Alignment (Activities and Relationships Level of Analysis)
What are the primary Key Success Factors that The Weather Company needs to excel at in the future? Do they have the internal skills, competencies, and capabilities to
execute their strategy? (If not, does the plan do a good job of saying how they will acquire these?)
Are the basic elements of the proposed strategy feasible?
From a teamwork and healthy organization standpoint?
From a financial standpoint?
From a measurement/metrics standpoint?
Does the strategy appear to be internally aligned? Do the specific action plan steps support each other? How and Why?
External Consonance and Potential Competitive Advantage
Is the proposed strategy consonant with the current and future needs of the external ecosystem and stakeholder needs? How and Why?
Does the strategy indicate any long-term strategic intent?
Does the proposed strategy position the company to perform activities differently than rivals do? How and why?
Does the proposed strategy lead to incremental change within the industry, or more fundamental change within the industry, or does it establish new positions outside
the industry or in blue ocean spaces? How and why is the scope of the strategy appropriate?
Do you think the proposed strategy can create or preserve any advantages it may confer on the company? Which advantages, and how and why?
By Day 3
Post a polished and integrated analysis that answers this question: If you were on the board of directors at The Weather Company in 2013, would you approve the
proposed strategy? Why or why not?

Be specific, and be sure to support your response with evidence from the case, and use appropriate concepts from the course and MBA program to make the strongest case
you can.

General Guidance: Your original discussion post for the Capstone Forum will typically be 1 to 1 ½ single-spaced pages (cut and paste into the Discussion area),
excluding references. Refer to the Week 7 Discussion 1 rubric for grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use the rubric to assess your work.