Strategic Planning Model Analysis

Strategic Planning Model Analysis
Strategic planning models can help current and aspiring health care leaders plan courses for their team, department, or organization that address not only the near future but also multiple years in the future. By being able to set a long-term vision and communicate it, leaders can help those around them better understand the direction of the team, department, or organization, and support the rationale for certain short-term and immediate decisions.

For this discussion, please identify and conduct a brief analysis of two of the strategic planning models discussed in this unit’s studies. Think about how you might apply each model in the organization in which you currently work, or in the hospital from the Dashboard and Health Care Benchmark Evaluation simulation. You will write a separate analysis for each model. Each analysis should only be about a paragraph long and should include the following:

A brief explanation of the strategic planning model.
An explanation of the benefits and strengths of the model.
An explanation of the challenges of using the model.
A brief analysis of how well the strategic model could be applied to create a long-term plan for a team, department, or organization within the context you are considering.
Your discussion response should be a minimum of 150 words. Remember to cite the readings, resources, and research that you have used in the development of your post.

Response Guidelines
Respond to the post of at least one of your peers. In your response address at least one of the following:

Relate a personal experience you have had using one of the strategic planning models that your peer presented.
If you analyzed one of the same strategic planning models as your peer, compare and contrast your analysis of the model with that of your peer.
Propose a potential solution to one or more of the challenges that your peer identified in applying one of the strategic models.