Strategic Planning Project

Order Description
– Prepare a strategic plan skeleton for a fictional institution, Spring Valley University (SVU)
– As with most cases, there is purposeful ambiguity surrounding many of the issues surrounding SVU.

While this case can become quite complex, it is up to the student to ultimately develop the

decisions that will make the strategic planning process successful.
– The goal is to make the strategic plan as real as you can, to showcase your understanding of

shared governance and decision making in higher education.
– As the Assistant Vice President of Academic and Developmental planning at Spring Valley

University, you have been tasked with the development of a new and exciting strategic plan for the

– Provide both the research and groundwork for the initial strategic plan and help guide the

University toward the implementation of it. The directive from the Board of Trustees is simple:

“Plan and execute SVU’s growth, finances, reputation, and mission for the next 10-20 years”. This

document will lay out all of the areas for growth, the pitfalls to expect, and the resources that

will be needed to take SVU into the future.
-This paper is divided into two parts. The first is an introduction and general outline of the plan

and the second is the research and implementation strategy.
Part One sets the stage for the entire report. It is where you explain the introductory issues

involved with the strategic plan. Some of the sections associated with this part should include:
1. A description of Spring Valley University: What type of IHE is it? (public, private, of-profit,

etc), how many students, location, historic importance, etc.
2. The mission of SVU: The mission statement should be noted and any supporting descriptions to

help understand it.
3. Accreditation Status: Who accredits SVU? Are they in jeopardy of losing it?
4. Financial resources of SVU: What is the overall budget? How is enrollments affecting the

growth/decline of SVU? What resources will be needed to grow the institution? Enrollment size?
5. Physical Space of SVU: How are buildings being used? Are the dorms filled? How are the athletic

complexes? Physical Plant?
6. Marketing and Reputation: Describe how the institution is viewed and marketed locally and on a

national scale.
7. Alumni: Where do the alumni live? How many are financially supporting the institution? To what

degree are they engaged?
8. Basic Organizational Chart: Is there anything different about the Org Chart at SVU?
9. Anything additional?
Part 2: The President has requested that each of the following issues be addressed in their own

specifically labeled section:
1. Given the history and mission of SVU, what are some of the possible strategic goals over the

next 10-20 years? Justify why those goals are being suggested. (Include a SWOT Analysis).
2. Describe the risks for the University in making strategic changes (and consequences of not

making changes).
3. Describe the costs associated with the changes being suggested and where those funds will come

4. What tools will SVU use to measure whether the change is effective (are there benchmarks?)
Implementation Strategy
The President is relatively new and so are you, getting buy-in from the cabinet (and others) at the

institution in developing and implementing the strategic plan will be key. Explain the following:
1. The role the President and her cabinet will have in the strategic planning process (who will

participate and why?)
2. How long will this take? How many meetings?
3. Given your description of SVU, what barriers might there be to implementing the strategic plan?
4. What changes, if any, to the culture of the institution must take place for the plan to be

5. How long will this plan from start to finish take?