Strategic Portfolio and Programme

LO2 Design a programme architecture, identifying the set of interdependent projects and organisational functions that are required to achieve a given programme objective.
LO3 Critically evaluate the techniques and methods used to manage programmes in different business and organisational settings.
This assignment is an individual assignment.

Part a) [1,250 words]

Drawing on the Programme Mandate for the University of Cambford’s International Partnerships Programme, and with reference to appropriate academic theory and established programme management practice, prepare a Benefits Map for the programme, identifying:
( you can see the slid from benefits map to projects Lecture 5,very useful.)
For example:

a)The strategic objectives for the programme.
b)The likely benefits and any potential dis-benefits presented by the programme.
c)Key project outputs that could deliver these benefits.

1 Your Benefits Map should indicate how the project outputs contribute to bringing about the expected benefits and outcomes, and how these benefits and outcomes contribute to achieving the programme’s strategic objective.(200words)

2 Based on the Benefits Map, propose a suitable Programme Architecture which identifies the programme components (the key projects of the programme and any functional support activities

that you consider to be most important to bring about the changes that are required to achieve the expected benefits and meet the programme’s strategic objectives.(200 words)

3 The Programme Architecture should identify:
-The proposed projects and their deliverables/outputs
-Any functional support activities that should be provided by members of the programme consortium as part of their normal functional responsibilities.
-Any inter-project dependencies

4 Your Benefits Map and proposed Programme Architecture should be accompanied by a critical discussion of the role of Benefits Management
justifying the design and the approach that you’ve taken.(300-400words)

Part b) [750 words]

1 Design a Programme Roadmap (delivery plan), < learn Lecture 6 ,useful >

Please The following points:

-Identifying how the outputs from each project are to be combined to produce the new capabilities and achieve the programme’s intended outcomes and benefits.( 100 words)

-The Roadmap should group the project outputs into a number of delivery tranches to ensure that changes are integrated into current business operations in an incremental manner.(100words)

Your Roadmap should be accompanied by a narrative, justifying the design and the approach that you’ve taken.(500-600 words)

For part A AND B:
Critically evaluate the techniques and methods used to manage programmes in different business and organisational settings.
You can use PRINCE2’s research methods to help you discuss.I uploaded a useful slide, name is
1“Benefits Management – a strategic perspective on why benefits management is difficult!”
2 “ COSLA/ Scottish Government – Public Health Reform Benefits Management Approach”
3 “Provider Digitisation Programme”
Benefits Realisation Management Strategy

Criteria for Assessment

This table details the weightings of the five criteria by which your work will be assessed.

Criteria Proportion of overall
assignment mark

  1. Content (and Learning Outcomes) 25%
  2. Knowledge and understanding/application of theory 50%
  3. Evidence of reading, use of resources and research 15%
  4. Accurate citations and referencing 5%
  5. Presentation, grammar and spelling 5%
    Total 100%

Please refer to the Marking Scheme below for information on how work is assessed and graded.