Strategy Change and Leadership

Strategy Change and Leadership

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The aim of the assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to critically appraise the introduction and management of change in an organisation of their choice, using the theories, tools and techniques covered in the first part of the module (Strategy and Change). Students will be required to select an organisation and conduct research and in-depth analysis of some form of organisational change. This could be (but is not limited to): downsizing, merger, restructuring, rapid expansion (size, business activities), introduction of team working, introduction of new technology, major changes in work design and major organisation development interventions.

The discussion should include the following information:

The type of change and why it was introduced.
The context in which change took place
The process of change, i.e. how change occurred
The extent to which the change in question was successful.

The argumentation must be coherent and substantiated. The analysis, synthesis and evaluation must use relevant theory/conceptual underpinnings in a critical fashion. Moreover, the value of theories and conceptual models to address the change process should be critically considered. Sources of information must be referenced appropriately.
i will attach the lecture slides for this assignement so you get a clear idea what to include.
Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:

1. Appreciate the organisational and environmental factors that drive organisational change.

2. Understand different approaches and tools that can be used to implement change in organisations.

3. Address individual and group processes which lead to adaptation and resistance to change.

4. Appreciate management approaches used to mitigate adverse effects of organisational change situations.

the essay should also be Font Size: 12 New Roman and Line Spacing: 1.5