Strategy for governing youth offenders

Analyze a particular strategy for governing youthful offending/deviance using a critical and intersectional lens to develop a thoughtful sociological position on this approach. • Choose a timely, relevant and manageable Canadian youth justice • Timely means your youth justice issue should have current salience in policy, academic, professional or public discourse. • Relevant means that the issue applies to youth justice. • Manageable relates to selecting a topic with a scope that suits the context of this assignment. • Refer to the Canadian youth criminal justice system and/or criminalization of youth. The youth justice system in Canada applies to youth between the ages of 12-18. • Refer to the: o Police in schools (School Resource Officers) o The Supreme court o RMYC o Gun crime prevention FORMAT: • Introduction: Overview of topic and plan of development of the essay, thesis • Literature overview: Must engage with sociological theory and research. Similar to the literature review sections in scholarly journals provide an overview of how scholars understand this issue. • Body paragraphs that demonstrate focus, logic, clarity, consistency of analysis, and linking together theory and application. All your arguments should be substantiated. • Conclusion • 4 scholarly references