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It is about time for you to retire from the automobile business.

For this assignment you are going to write a 500 word StratSim Memorandum to your successor.

Pick some relevant part of StratSim and pass on some advice to your successor. Be detailed and specific! Do not be vague or superficial in this memo. I want you to draw from your own experience (i.e. Give examples from your own business) and give specific advice on how your successor can do even better than you did.

You only have 500 words to pass on your vast wisdom so you need to concentrate on one or two pieces of advice. What are the most important keys (in your experience) to being successful in StratSim?

This memorandum is designed to be of value to any StratSim participant at any time in the future, so it should contain little firm or market-specific information (except when giving examples of how something did or did not work). For example, there is no point saying that a geographic region is quite volatile since another edition of StratSim might have a very different market environment.
FOCUS ON TWO THINGS (Product development, my company left development centers unused so vehicles werent been upgraded or new vehicles werent being introduced so my competitors were introducing new vehicles upgrading there cars so customers found them to be more attractive then my vehicles. the consequences of not keeping up with customer needs and wants resulted in decreased sales. so advice would be to never leave product development center unused. once i started developing new cars and upgrading vehicles i saw an increase in sales and stock price etc.

secondly, monitor debt because my company had to much short term debt which made the financial aspect not good, drove down the stock price