Strengths-and Evidence-Based Helping Strategies

Watch the following documentary about Insite, the first safe consumption facility in Canada:
Insite – Not Just Injecting, But Connecting (Sub: Eng, Spa, Ger, Hun, Rus, Ser, Bul)
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Campaigners in NYC are actively trying to get safe consumption facilities legally opened here (they already operate underground in NYC- but are not fully licensed as safe consumption facilities yet).
Check out the status of facilities in NYC:

Then watch this film about supervised injection facilities in NYC called “Everywhere But Safe”if you want to learn more about the status of these in NYC:

Then watch this short news clip:
Mayor wants supervised injection facility for heroin users
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And this short news clip:
De Blasio Backs Plan To Open Supervised Injection Sites
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And then compose a 300-word top-level post in ESSAY format that responds to these questions:
Discuss the pros and cons of harm reduction in general as a strength-based helping strategy as it pertains to addiction treatment.
Discuss the debate over safe consumption facilities, in particular (also referred to as safe injection facilities). Refer to the specific issues in the Vancouver and NYC examples.
Where do you stand in this debate over harm reduction?