Stress in Families

The following post has two questions;

1.Stress in Families

complete a paper on one of the following topics:
Topic 1 – Stress in Families
Topic 2 – Finances and the Family; paper could beon debt, loans, mortgages, buying a home, credit cards, college loans, etc.
Topic 3 – Divorce
Topic 4 – Food and Nutrition in America; can be on any food topic in America today
Topic 5 – Illness in Families/Death in Families
Topic 6 – Elderly Issues; paper could be on finances and the elderly, housing and the elderly, etc.
Topic 7 – Marriage; paper could be on any topic relating to marriages in America today
Topic 8 – Adolescent Issue (Social media, self-esteem, obesity, stress, etc.)
Topic 9 – Structure of the family, such as Single-Parent Households, Step-Families, Adoption, Religious Differences in families, Same-Sex Marriages/Families, etc.

2.Cardiovascular reflection

Reflect on a patient with a known history of a cardiovascular disorder such as a blood clot or arrhythmia. Describe the patient’s personal and medical history, drug therapy and treatments, and
follow-up care