Stress Week 5

Stress Week 5



Discuss what you see as the most important aspects of a positive relationship. (150-200 words)


While some of your questions in the COMPLETE section are opinion based, many require research and facts to support your answers. In those questions, please utilize APA references and citations. Often opinion questions can be supported by research. APA references and citations should be used to support that as well.

(Answer each question in 200-350 words)

1.Nothing is more stressful than a miserable relationship and nothing can be more satisfying than a loving relationship. Briefly discuss Carl Rogers “5 Characteristics of all Successful Relationships”.

2. List the 10 steps or principles necessary to deal with difficult people.

3. Consider your family and its patterns of behavior. What can be done to improve your family’s happiness and effectiveness? (Minimum 150 words)

Us History to 1865 – Section 8

The best-known aspect of Civil War history revolves around the campaigns of the Union and Confederate armies. Discuss the principal campaigns in the Eastern and Western theatres of the struggle. In the final analysis, what factors enabled the Unionists to win the war in 1865?

Aside from the battlefield, there were other crucial aspects to the war. First, discuss the role of the Union Navy and Union diplomacy in the conflict. Then focus on black people and slavery. Discuss the role of black soldiers in the war and how slavery came to an end during the course of the conflict.

Identify and give the significance of the following:

1. Scott’s Anaconda
2. The Vicksburg Campaign
3. Monitor v Merrimack ( Virginia )
4. Clara Barton and Mary Ann Bickerdyke
5. Pacific Railroad Act, Homestead Act, and Morrill Act