Students will be expected to explore in greater depth the thematic theoretical underpinnings covered throughout the unit.

Students will be expected to explore in greater depth the thematic theoretical underpinnings covered throughout the unit. In doing so students will be expected to draw on such theoretical aspects in referring and supporting their argumentation and its correlation to their field placement experience. Students may draw on other completed assignments from units as a base to develop an argumentation. Students will examine the agency they conducted a field placement with (AUSTRALIAN RED CROSS), identifying the specific type of agency (e.g. human-service organisation, humanitarian aid organisation, community organisation, developmental organisation (national/international context) etc.). Students need to provide a clear argumentation, distinguishing the type of agency and it’s provided ‘aid services’ from other human-service, community or humanitarian aid related agencies. Students will summarise and reflect on their individually completed field placement(EMERGENCY SERVICES OF THE AUSTRALIAN RED CROSS, SHAK- Safe Hang-out for All Kids of the Australian Red Cross), articulating field work carried out and the added value of the completed field placement has had for the student regarding the acquisition of new skills and knowledge in a specific work sector.
The following guiding questions will support students in constructing their essay. Please note that the guiding questions are applicable to all students’ acting as a framework, which will be further complemented with students’ specific focused sector stream of field placement such as Emergency & Disaster Management, development aid, humanitarian aid or social work. Guiding questions that students should answer prior to designing their essay, in order to develop their argumentation:
? Based on previously completed assignments, what type of agency has the student undertaken his/her placement with (human-service, community, developmental or humanitarian aid organisation)?
? Which policies and/or codes of conduct is the agency/organisation adhering to? How has this impacted on the organisations overall organisational culture?
? Describe what type of provision of services ‘aid’ or ‘assistance’ the agency/organisation is providing to its beneficiaries? How aligned are the services to its overall mandate and needs of its ‘clients’ or ‘beneficiaries’?
? Is the agency/organisation a learning organisation? What key factors distinguish this in terms of organisational structure and how it’s staff delivers strategic aspects of being a learning culture?
? What approach does the agency/organisation take to human resource management?
? How does the agency fit into the broader human service/humanitarian aid/community development related field?
? What are the underlying arguments that the agency has been identified as a humanitarian or human-service-related organisation?
? What type of practical knowledge and technical skills has the student acquired throughout his/her placement?
The reflective field work essay must comply with the following format:
Theme font: Times New Roman Font size: 12
Alignment: Justify
Line spacing: 1, 5
Referencing style: APA
Bibliography: Includes at least 7 academic references Word count: 3000 (excluding list of references; maximum of 10% leeway).