“Summer of Love” Journal


Here are the 8 segments in the video:

1. A Revolutionary Movement – From Baby Boomers to Hippiefi 2. The Power of LSD
3. Bound for San Francisco

4. The Diggers

5. The City Responds

6. Summer Invasion

7. Utopia Falls Apart

8. The Movement’s Impact

The main areas I want you to address are:

1. How does this segment relate to something we have studied this semefiter?

2. Do the images prefiented in this segment alter your perception of the Summer of
Love from the previous class reading, music or moviw?

3. Does the presentation seem unbiased (representing the positive and negative)?

4. Discuss your own experience with and relationship to the counterculture- Has it
changed since taking this class? Since watching this movie? -. Any other observation
you care to make about the moviefi content or visual style.