Supply Chain


Assignment Details

Research an ethical issue relevant to Supply Chain. For example, in Cybersecurity, this might be an issue related to protecting private information. In Psychology, this might be an issue related to maintaining confidentiality.

After learning the standards your field has in this area, assume that you are a professional in the field and that you have learned that one of your colleagues may have engaged in unethical or inappropriate organizational behavior based on your understanding of the field and its ethical expectations. Construct an email that you will send to your immediate supervisor explaining your concern (without naming the person) and seeking advice on how best to respond.

The email should follow best practice for email communication, clearly explain the purpose of the email, the situation that generated the concern, and the grounds for your concern. The email should document your concern without being something that could later harm you, the person, or your supervisor. (Remember that email is never private.) Your email should demonstrate business style, diplomacy, and an awareness of hidden audiences. Your instructor will assess you on your understanding of ethics and appropriate organizational citizenship, your ability to write a professional, business style email, and your awareness of tone and audience.

Submission Requirements
Submit the email, a short explanation of the research you did to understand the issue of the email, and an explanation of why and how you constructed the email as you did