Supply Chain Analysis



write a supply chain analysis OR a final research paper. Your paper should be single-spaced and approximately 10 to 12 pages in length (excluding graphics, title page, and references). Prepare your
assignment in a format that is compatible with Microsoft Office, and return to this page when you are ready to submit it.
You may select either one of the following two options.

Option 1: Supply Chain Analysis

Option 1 is the recommended option for this assignment, as it will allow you to apply the concepts from this course to a real-life situation. This option may require that you gain access to an
organization and get appropriate approvals for conducting research at the organization, if the necessary information is not publicly available. The learning you will get from this project, however,
justifies the effort of obtaining these approvals. See the PDF below for details and a marking guide.
Assignment 3: Option 1

Option 2: Research Paper

Option 2 is to conduct an in-depth exploration of a topic in supply chain management that has not been fully covered in this course. The AU library has many valuable resources for undertaking this
research. Once you have your research topic narrowed down, contact your Academic Expert for approval of your topic. See PDF below for details and marking guide.