Support Individuals with specific communication needs

(a) l n your own words define what is meant by a speciiic communication need
(b) Exolain the terms:

(L) Equity

(H) Diversity

(iii) Discrimination

(iv) Well-being

(v) inclusion

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(c) Explain how supporting equity, diversity and discrimination is important to tb g
Specific communication needs of indiVidua\s , , “cation “em.
(d) Consider an individual within your care enVironment-Wbo hes SR,GC§§“S£®§:§10“ needs.
(i) EXpIain why you believe it is important to meet this \fld\\l\d\.\‘a (Z noes Waugh“
Consider equality, diversity and discrimination, needs, we e
involve m e nt , . . – – ec‘it‘ic commun\ca\\oi\
(ii) Give examples of the benefits to the indivKiUfléfgggvéga‘xg‘jgw being