Sustainability and participation



Sustainability and participation: Bell and Morse (2003),(the paper can easily be found in internet), in their account of operationalising a `systems sustainability analysis’ in Malta, say that they
considered `participation as central throughout this process’ and as `cyclical’ rather than linear. They also comment that this cannot be achieved unless the `tools and techniques are owned by the
stakeholders’ (p. 74). Considering the word limit, the writer, should explain and comment critically on the process they engaged in as they describe it. Focus on their designation of thematic
groups, identification of stakeholders and indicators, and the variety of views of sustainability that emerged. All in all, do you think they achieved satisfactory participation? Could the process
be improved? Bell, Simon and Stephen Morse 2003. Doing SPSA and Some Reflective Experience. Pp. 91-134 in Measuring Sustainability: Learning by Doing. Thank you in advance.