Sustainability Checklist

You are opening a food business (restaurant, catering company, food truck- you decide, be
creative). In keeping with your vision for being sustainable, create a sustainable checklist that
you will use to evaluate products and suppliers. Make sure your checklist is heavily weighted
toward food. You can make a list or a pie chart or a diagram, design a slideshow, a poster, a
video, a podcast, a webpage or a blog post. Be creative.- the ultimate goal of this checklist is for
you to demonstrate you are meeting the course outcomes and are implementing the skills
taught in class.

  1. Introduction: Define sustainability in your own words. Introduce your checklist and
    describe how and why you have designed it. Create a mission statement for your
    business that reflects your sustainability commitment. (10%)
  2. Checklist: Create a checklist of your criteria for determining whether or not a product,
    supplier is sustainable. You can create multiple sections here for food, drink, business
    design, education. Make sure at least 20 of the 40 are food-focused. Are there any
    criteria in your checklist that are absolute musts, or are deal breakers? (E.G.
    unsustainable seafood, suppliers that provide non-sustainable products) (40%)
  3. Justification: For each requirement on your checklist give a reason/rationale for
    including that item. Pretend that the reader has no idea about ethical or sustainability
    issues with food. Connect your justification to the topics covered in class. Include
    relevant research to the item. (30%)
  4. Evaluation (20%): Choose 2 similar Food products and implement your checklist (or the
    part of your checklist that is specific to that item) to evaluate them to determine if they
    meet your criteria. Include research on those products: what company distributes,
    farms or raised them, the price, their sustainability commitment. Make a
    recommendation on which product you will use. Was your checklist helpful in making
    your decision?