Sustainable Development Construction Practices II

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Sustainable Development Construction Practices II

Sustainable Construction Practice Analysis
.””The general contractor plays a critical role in the realization of the finished development or building. However, including the general contractor early in the design process does not always
happen. A fully integrated team that includes the general contractor in the earliest stages of design helps to ensure that construction will go smoothly and can reduce the likelihood of
unanticipated costs. With sustainable development and construction practices comes special measures that need additional due diligence by the contractor team.

Continue the analysis of your case study focusing on the general contractor’s involvement. In a two page Word document, address the following:

1) Discuss the timing of when the general contractor became a part of the development or building design team. Explain why the general contractor should be at the table as early as the other
members of the team.

2) What are the specific building systems involved in the project? (e.g. energy generation systems, water resource management systems, indoor air quality systems, etc.)

3) Identify the specific things that the general contractor had to do to meet or enhance the sustainability objectives for the project.

4) Make recommendations for a sustainability plan for your case study project that addresses site, dust, IAQ, waste management and material procurement and reuse

2.Four Lobes of the Cerebral Cortex

Identify the four lobes of the cerebral cortex, and describe the sensory and motor functions of the cortex.

3.Term limits on members of Congress

Should there be term limits on members of Congress?. Discuss