Sweetheart of the Song Tra bong

Sweetheart of the Song Tra bong


First paper instructions!
English 102 First Paper Assignment

This first project will ask you to the following:

Do a literary analysis of about 3 pages in length on either Tim O’Brien’s, Sweetheart of the Song Tra bong, On the Rainy River, Flannery O’Connor’s A Good Man is Hard to Find, or Revelation. You can only focus on one story for this assignment.

You must use Foster’s text as a source and must quote from the story as well as Foster. Paper must adhere to MLA format and include a Works Cited page. You should therefore have 2 sources listed on your Works Cited page (the story you have chosen to write on and Foster’s text).

Possible topics might include an analysis of a particular symbol, metaphor, or biblical allusion, characterologic progression (transformation, identity, real reason for the quest), or some discussion of a theme such as fear of the unknown. Do not limit yourself to these ideas. I want you to find your own particular area of interest and explore it as thoroughly as possible. Beware of plot summary. You want to extend the conversation in a way that is meaningful and contributes to the literary discussion about a particular text, but you want to write about one aspect of the story, not the entire story.

You will also write a 1 page reflective essay to accompany this first paper. Make sure you put the reflection at the top of your final project, as I only want one document turned in per student. I read reflections first, then will scroll down to read your final project. In the reflection, look at your growth as a reader, writer and thinker as you worked on this assignment and participated in discussion board forums, class discussions and workshops. How would you assess yourself at this point? Why did you choose the story you chose? What gave you the most grief in writing it? What are you most proud of? What issues related to your writing process have changed or remained the same? Ultimately, I want to hear anything that informs me as to how you have grown as a reader, writer and thinker in the writing of this essay. Include any other pertinent information you want me to know about your thinking process, or what you would like me to look for as I read the final draft.

Be prepared for writers’ workshops where you will be asked to bring a hard copy of your draft in progress. These will be announced in class.