SWOT Recommendations and Presentation of the Strategic Plan to Governing Board Members

Scenario: The CEO was very satisfied with the presentation that you provided to the ED Steering Committee about the ED throughout and your SWOT recommendations. Following systems theory thinking, the CEO feels that correcting the ED throughput is essential in assuring a positive flow for patients once they are admitted through the ED. ED throughput will assist in diminishing lag time for admissions, assure timely surgical interventions, and improve patient satisfaction scores. These items are crucial since they are the essence of the financial viability of the hospital.
Thus, the CEO requested that you provide a presentation to the governing board and medical directors about the ED throughout. He would like you to develop a motivating statement that will generate support among the governing board members as your first slide. Also, the CEO would like you to create a more effective presentation that communicates the most crucial points of your SWOT analysis to the governing board members.
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