Sydney Observatory Excursion

Scenario: You are all Stage 1 classroom teachers at a Sydney primary school of your choosing. In your stage planning meeting, discuss the geographical concept of ‘place’ and think about what understanding your students might already have about this idea. Examine the ES1 stage statement to determine prior learning and how understanding is developed as students progress to Stage 1. Consider how the concept of ‘place’ is addressed in Stage 1 in two main ways through the topics of ‘Features of Places’ OR ‘People and Places’ (syllabus pages 46-49). Choose one of the topics and one content descriptor (e.g. the topic is ‘Features of Places’ and our focus is ‘how places are organised). Examine how Aboriginal perspectives are embedded in Stage 1 geography. As part of a 10- week geography unit addressing your topic, your task for this assignment is to plan a 1-day excursion which provides the opportunity for your students to build on their understanding of place through active participation in the geographical inquiry process the Sydney observatory have been chosen for the excursion school: Cammeray public school Year 1 students Address can be find on Google Read the policy NSW Department of Education (2016) Excursions Policy Implementation Procedures.Retrieved from https:// policy Your excursion management plan should demonstrate you have considered student safety throughout the excursion. It needs to include: • School name and address • Excursion venue information • A 1-page parent/carer information letter with consent form. • Identify strategies to support full participation of students with disability in the assessment criteria needs to include: The excursion complies with legislative requirements to support student well being and safety