Synopsis/Personal Response

Synopsis/Personal Response

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The essay need to be half synopsis of the article and the other half a personal response to it.

his father’s t was again :d quite the ruingcome nd decided sorry that son to send nateS, with at Hamlet writing out age mates ram one of NT was not looked the rte back for la; alet had because of ; her father t mad and you?” The vengeance s madness. s drowned. itself can’t Rinks and story, id himself y well, and rs of your rneans a say your othes and :re; there-he elders, it was the now your 001A.* .”Hamlet.
“There must have been many more; this also you must ask of your elders when you get back to your e mite y. Prom what you tell us, since Polonius was dead, eelnust have been Laertes who killed Ophelia, although e1.! :I0o not see the reason for it!’ .1, We had emptied one pot of beer, and the old men kued the point with slightly tipsy interest. Finally one :tern demanded of me, “What did the servant of onius say on his return?” With difficulty I recollected Reynaldo and his emission. “I don’t think he did return before Folonius as killed.’ , β€’ ! istee said the elder, “and 111 tell you howl: was how your story will go, then you may tell me if I fight, Poionius .knew his son would get into trouble, so he did. He had many fines to pay for fighting, debts from gambling. But he had only two ways of g money quickly. One was to marry off his sister tone, but it is difficult to find a man who will marry man desired by the son of a chief. For if the chief’s air commits adultery-with your wife, what can you do? a fool calls a case against a man who will someday s judge. Therefore Laertes had to take the second he killed his sister by witchcraft, drowning her so ecauld secretly sell her body to the witches!’ raised an. objection. “They found her body and ‘ed it. Indeed Laertes jumped into the grave to see star once more β€” so, you see, the body was truly Hamlet, who had just come back, jumped in terihim.” What did I tell you?” The elder appealed to the Vs. %aeries was up to no good with his sister’s body.
Shakespeare in the Bush 33 Hamlet prevented him, because the chief’s heir, like a chief, does not wish any other man to grow rich and powerful. Laertes would be angry, because he -would have killed his sister without benefit to himself. In our country he would try to kill Hamlet for that reason. Is this not what happened?” “More or less,” I admitted. “When the great chief found Hamlet was still alive, he encouraged Laertes to try to kill Hamlet and arranged a fight with machetes between them. In the fight both the young men were mounded to death, Hamlet’s mother drank the poisoned beer that the chief meant for Hamlet in case he won the fight. When he saw his mother die of poison, Hamlet, dying, managed to kill his father’s brother with his machete!’ “You see, I was right!” exclaimed the elder. “That was a very good story;’ added the old man, and you told it with very few mistakes. There was just one more error, at the very end. The poison Hanilees mother drank was obviously meant for the survivor of the fight, whichever it was. XL:metes had W013, the great chief would have poisoned him, for no one would know that he arranged Hamlet’s death, Then, too, he need not fear Laertee witchcraft; it takes a strong heart to kill one’s only sister by witchcraft!’ “Sometime;’ concluded the old man, gathering his ragged toga about him, “you must tell us some more stories ofyour country. We, who are elders, will instruct you in their true meaning, so that when you return to your own land your elders will see that you have not been sitting in the bush, but among those who know things and who have taught you wisdom!’


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