System security


see attachment “example_1.pdf”. I want the same way but cover more in 1st parts. in the send part
I want to make the reader know this is the focus of the research “network and system management” the reference is the iec62351 standard, the document is not publicly available. but I attached ” White Paper on Security Standards in IEC TC57.pdf”, which has a summary the whole standard. The citation all from the standard it self, so one citation. We should put the citation in the begging (example: “IEC 6231 standard is to secure the information infrastructure in smart grid [1]”.

Everything should be fit in 2 pages

1st part:
intrudes IEC 62351 standard
what is this standard for
short summary for:
security threats
security purposes
security requirement
security attacks
security countermeasures
2nd part: blue highlighted text
overview of “end-to-end security requirement”
short summary for iec part 7 “network and system management” (this is the main focus of the research)