Students are required to write an individual report of 1500 words on a critical perspective of the process and outcome of their individual group work together with a brief assessment of the skills they need to develop to be an effective international manager. The purpose is to develop critical skills and assess their own personal development needs against the knowledge gained. The Guideline to writing MUST be followed to pass this assignment.
The guidelines to writing have been uploaded. Please see that and make sure you follow it. See the sample assignment to understand how it is done.

The purpose is to demonstrate your learning about yourself in relation to the competencies managers require to be effective in international businesses. This will involve a demonstration of critical skills and an assessment your own personal development needs against the knowledge gained. See the expected learning outcomes below.

The report will comprise of 3 parts:
1. A critical perspective of your individual group work – its process and outcome. (500 words)

The group work was a presentation on cross-cultural negotiation style which has been uploaded. My part in the presentation was Introduction and Conclusion. Please check the presentation and discuss about how we planned the presentation, how we discussed our ideas, how we worked as a team, how we planned the rehearsals and finally the delivery of the presentation. Make sure you provide good reference to related team-work literature.

2. An assessment of your strengths and weaknesses in relation to the skills you will need to develop personally as an effective International Business Manager. (1000 words)

Please write this from a perspective of an international student studying in the UK from Saudi Arabia. Please see sample assignment to refer to how it is done.

3. An Action Plan on how you propose to achieve these skills or address your weaknesses.

Please check the action plan made in the sample assignment and make a similar one for me but do not copy anything from there.