Task analysis

Paper details:

For this assignment. you will complete a task analysis. It will include two parts:

a completed task analysis worksheetPreview the documentView in a new window (available in Canvas)

a synthesis of tasksPreview the documentView in a new window (create this using Microsoft Word)

For the task analysis worksheet. you will document the process of using the EWU transfer guide to look up course equivalencies. For this exercise. you will
documenting the process for the following user:

Edward is currently a student at Spokane Community College (SCC). he is planning to transfer to Eastern. He wants to know if the courses he has already
completed at SCC will count toward his degree at Eastern. According to his transcript. he has completed the following courses: ENGL& 102 and MATH& 141
Will these courses transfer to EWU for credit? If yes. whether or not it will meet a GECR requirement.

ENTER the information at Transfer Guide.

In the task analysis. you will document the process Edward would use to locate this information in the EWU transfer guide. First identify what materials.
resources. skills. equipment that he will need (enter this into the worksheet). For the analysis. you will work backwards by first identifying all the actions
needed. To do this. you will play the role of Edward and complete the following:

1. carry out all actions required to accomplish his goal (including locating the guide)

2. record each action in the Task Analysis Worksheet (it is important that you record each and every action in the minutest of detail. We are going for
granularity here)

3. record results (system responses)

4. record contingencies (IF. THEN alternatives)

5. categorize actions into steps

6. group steps into tasks

7. name tasks

When you have completed the Task Analysis Worksheet. you will create a synthesis of the analysis. This will be a hierarchical outline of the tasks in which
you will complete the following:

1. list each task by a name. using a participle phrase in present tense (e.g.. Logging into Moodle or Uploading a file)

2. list each step identified for the task. using a numbered list

3. list each action for the step (if more than one). using a bulleted list (at this point eliminate any unnecessary detail)

4. identify each result (system response) for actions (if there is one). place the results in parenthesis next to the related action (like this)

5. describe contingencies for results (if there is one). place contingencies in brackets [like this]

6. At the end of the synthesis. include a 150 word paragraph describing what you learned from completing the task analysis