Tax Research and Tax Representation Guidelines




“Interpreting Tax Research and Tax Representation Guidelines” Please respond to the

From the e-Activity, review the case for Alacare Home Health Services, Inc- Outline the
case, findings of fact, and final opinion of the US. Tax Gout using the steps in the
research steps- Determine whether using the research steps would lead to a different
conclusion- Defend you position-

Oompare the American Institute of CPAs’ (AICPA) Statements on Tax Standards
(SSTS) and the Treasuy Department Circular 230 rules to practice before the Internal
Revenue Service (IRS)- Suggest which document creates better guidance in the
preparation of tax retuns and written advice provided to taxpayers- Suggest
rneasues the AICPA could take to ensue that CPAs are compliant with either set of
standards- Defend you position-